Guest Post: Letting Go of Your Book (and Publishing It)

Guest Post: Letting Go of Your Book (and Publishing It)

Guys, today we have amazing Daria as a guest. She is talking about a theme that I’m SUPER passionate about, and I’ve even written a bit here in this article. Let go of your book. You must do it. Otherwise, you’ll never be a published author. Don’t put it in the drawer. Let your book go. Thanks, Daria

Guest Post: Letting Go of Your Book (and Publishing It)

So you’ve written a book. It’s polished to the best of your knowledge. Your betas and writing buddies love it and you‘ve taken their advice to strengthen it. You found an editor who’s polished it even further. You’ve read through it at least fifteen times for those last-minute typos, but now what? Do you query? Do you self-publish? Whichever you choose, let it go.

Learn to let go. This is easier said than done. I’m walking this out as I approach the release of my book Match-Made Christmas. I love the story but will everyone else? Will it measure up? How will those reviews look? I can‘t control that. It’s out of my hands. I’m sending it out into the world to be scrutinized, judged, loved, or hated. Whatever the response is, I have to accept it all. Will it stop me from writing? No way.

When I wrote my story, I wrote it based on the knowledge I had. I gave it my all. Will I grow as a writer? Yes. I’m always looking for ways to improve. I read. I learn from my writing buddies. I don‘t object to writing conferences or classes, but even with that, I can’t please everyone. Should I try to? No. I’m not writing to please everybody. It’s too exhausting and I’ll never win. I write for the ones that will love my work. They’ll read everything I’ll write regardless and will follow me as a loyal fans.

How do you do this? How do you let go? How do you cope when you get those negative reviews? What if you’ve queried and you’re in the waiting game? My answer is to let go. Did you do your best? If you can answer that honestly, then move forward. Perhaps you need to start a new project. Or maybe you need a break altogether. Celebrate how far you‘ve come. You wrote a book! That’s something to make you proud.

What’s my plan? When Match-Made Christmas releases I will celebrate with my family, fans, and writing buddies. I hope my fans will enjoy the story and I will move on to the next book. There are more stories to write, so even if you can’t do any more with the one you have, you can tackle the next one. Practice makes permanent.

I hope this encouraged you.

My website is

Follow me on Twitter @Daria_White15 and Instagram dariawhite90. Special thanks to Isadora Felix for the opportunity to be on her blog!

Thank you, Daria! Guys, pay her a visit!

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