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I guess you are here because you are thinking: who the hell is Isadora Felix and what does she know about writing?

You are probably right to be asking that.

So I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.


Isadora Felix smiling

(when I was still blondie)


My journey


I am making money from working at home since 2017. Currently, I work as a social media rater. When I found out that you could make money online, it changed my life. It was when I discovered the wonders of not having to commute to work, not lose your time on a crazy 50-minute journey of stress and horns.

Since then, I started to look for every kind of online gig that would make me a full-time living. I tried every online job I found and I worked answering surveys, on Amazon Turk, transcribing, everything…

But nothing was quite there yet.

It was when I discovered all the different ways you could earn money on Amazon.


It was life-changing.


I decided that I would join my passion, which always has been to write, and my businesswoman side to make REAL money online.

Before that, I had a crochet business, an e-commerce that sold amigurumi on Etsy and other places, since 2014.

I know, this is really nerdy.

That’s what made me publish my first crochet book on Amazon here if you want to take a look!

One thing led to another and I discovered about making money online with a blog.

Now I’m here, building my business and enhancing my dream of becoming a great author by self-publishing on Amazon. 


I searched for every course, every kind of advice on how to build this, how to sell on Amazon, how to grow as a blogger.


Then I decided that I would share everything that I discovered until now.

I don’t claim that I know everything.

But I invite you to come with me on this journey.


What this blog will help you with:


I will tell you what I learned about writing (I’ve finished a novel that is in the process of being published on Amazon), about building an online business (I’ve been in this e-commerce market since 2014 and I learned A LOT since then), about working at home and making a full-time income without having to do boring office work that you hate, and now about being a blogger and growing on this indie world.


About my qualifications:


So, I have a degree in International Relations, a specialization in translation, so I work as a translator as well. You can check the translation services that I offer here!  I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French, but definitely looking to learn other languages like Japanese and Korean, why not.


Let’s go together, shall we?


I guarantee you that I’ll always be 100% honest. My goal is to grow as an author, help you grow as well, and I compromise to share monthly incomes in the near future.


Silly things about me you may (or not) want to know!


Now, let me share some silly things about me.

1- I am a Virgo and, yes, I kind of believe in Astrology.

2- I am ENFJ.

3- I love Psychology and I actually did one year and a half of Psychology at university (but you know that this can get pretty expensive). One day I will go back and finish it.

4- I love History. And I write a story. It makes sense, right? (duh)

5- I’ve been writing since I was about 8 years old. My first story was about a girl pirate that ran away from home to live her dreams. Boy, I should finish that.

6- I am a Gryffindor (I know, I know. But I am, I really am, I swear it’s not only because it is the coolest house out there), (don’t kill me, please).

7- Tolkien is still the best writer there is on Earth.

8- I actually binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey (I told you I would be 100% honest).


Now it’s your turn. Explore and have fun.


I want to build this like a community. Therefore, I want we all to be a great big group of writers trying to prove that YES, we CAN be successful together!

So make sure that you don’t lose anything that is coming.



Love you to pieces,


(you can call me Isa or Dora… no, not the Explorer).


a girl looking at Dora the Explorer, wearing a Gryffindor scarf


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