Hello and welcome to my about me page!

I guess you are here because you are thinking: who the hell is Isadora Felix and what does she know about writing?

You’re probably right to be asking that.

So I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself.

My journey

I’ve been publishing books online since 2019, and I’ve been writing stories since I learned how to write when I was 5. So, a pretty long time. I’ve always wanted to publish a book, no matter how, but I spent so many years struggling to simply FINISH a book that I thought I’d never be able even to have one reader. When I finally was able to publish my first book, this was life-changing. To this day, it’s one of my biggest accomplishments.

I really freaking love to write and read, so I decided to share my passion with you here. I hope this blog is helpful.

What this blog will help you with:

I’ll tell you what I learned about writing, building an online publishing business, and growing in this indie world. I’ll also help you find the best books to read out there.

About my qualifications:

I have a degree in International Relations, and a specialization degree in English translation, and a teaching degree. I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, and a little French. I’m studying Japanese and it’s kicking my butt at the moment. I work as an English Teacher here in Brazil, and as an author. I’m also studying Biology, hoping to become a scientist one day.

Silly things about me you may (or not) want to know!

1- I am a Virgo and, yes, I kind of believe in Astrology. Maybe not.

2- I am ENFJ in MBTI.

3- I love Psychology and I actually did one year and a half of Psychology at university (but you know that this can get pretty expensive). One day I will go back and finish it.

4- I love History.

5- My first story was about a girl pirate that ran away from home to live her dreams. Boy, I should finish that.

6- I am a Gryffindor (I know, I know. But I am, I really am, I swear it’s not only because it is the coolest house out there), (don’t kill me, please).

7- Tolkien is still the best writer there is on Earth.

8- I actually binge-read Fifty Shades of Grey (I told you I would be 100% honest).

Now it’s your turn. Explore and have fun.

I want to build this like a community. Therefore, I want us all to be a great big group of writers trying to prove that YES, we CAN be successful together!


So make sure that you don’t lose anything that is coming.


(you can call me Isa or Dora… no, not the Explorer).

a girl looking at Dora the Explorer, wearing a Gryffindor scarf