Social Media Strategy for Authors: Why you MUST Build an Online Presence

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Social Media Strategy for Authors: Why you MUST Build an Online Presence



Social Media Strategy for Authors: Why you MUST Build an Online Presence
I LOVE marketing.

Is this even a thing?

Is loving marketing even possible?

Yes, it is, my friend.

But I want you to know that I haven’t been like this always.

I actually used to hate marketing so much that I closed my amigurumi e-commerce so I wouldn’t have to do marketing.

Unfortunately, when you have a small business, you have to do everything by yourself and this can be really daunting.

I’ll tell you that there’s a light at the end of the road, though.

If you learn what to do, you might start loving marketing.

Today I wanted to cover social media marketing, although there’s much more to digital marketing than that.

But there’s no way to run away from social media. Even big businesses have to do it nowadays.

So, get ready to learn why you must get comfortable with a social media strategy for authors.


Social Media Strategy for Authors: the basics


Things to remember:


1. You don’t have to have millions of followers in each social media. Fewer people but more meaningful connections go a long way. It is much better to have 100 followers with who you actually share, help, rave with 10 people than having 1000 and not knowing and talking to one.

2. It takes time to grow. Give yourself time.

3. Impostor Syndrome is a real thing. When you start talking about your writing, your books, the things that you’re doing, you’ll start to ask yourself: but who am I to be telling all those people that I know something? I don’t know anything! I’m just me! Why are people listening to me?

4. Everyone starts with 0 followers. Every one.

5. The first time you do it is always the hardest. After you’ve grown on one, will be easier to ask people to follow you on other channels.

I don’t have anything to promote yet. Should I wait to create social media?


No. Do it now. The sooner the better. You don’t need anything to promote, you can just chat, make friends, talk about things that you love in your community. Actually, this will make it better when you actually have a book to show people.


I want to traditionally publish. I don’t need to build an online presence because my publisher will do all the work for me


The truth is, even if you are going through the traditional road of publication, you’ll need to market yourself. You don’t absolutely need it in this case, but who do you think will have a preference? People with 100k fans on Youtube or a writer that no one knows and have only a Facebook profile to connect with their mom.
People equals money, especially with their true fans, those people that read, watch, would buy everything you put out there. Agents and publishers know that they are guaranteed to sell your book when you already have a connection.
Of course, this is not the case in every scenario. A lot of unknown writers get published by agents and publishers, but even so, it would be much easier to sell if they already had some kind of online presence.

Also, you have to remember that you are competing with those people for a publication spot. The more visibility, the better, so why not start building your online presence?

Of course, this is not the only thing that matters in this traditional publication world. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have an online presence yet. If you had an exceptionally good book and you get noticed by an agent, you can succeed even without an online presence.


However, I want to say one thing about having a social media strategy for authors:


On Twitter, you have some events where you pitch there and agents keep an eye on the tweets during the whole day. People can retweet your pitch, so it gets more visibility. If an agent likes your pitch, it means that they are interested and they want you to send them your work. Usually, people with a larger following will get more retweets, which means more notability. Of course, the agent can like any tweet that they like, having a following or not. But, your chances are always better if you have a larger following. Always.


Selling your books is like selling any other product. I know it’s your baby. But it’s a product even so. I’ll repeat, for the traditional publication world, it is not a must. But if you already have a large following of people that like you, trust you, and want to buy your product, you are helping the agent and publisher. You are guaranteeing them: look, if you publish my book, I already have some people to sell it to. Your chances are better especially if you’re an unknown writer.
Before Internet times, other writers did it too. Neil Gaiman tells us on his Masterclass that he first entered the industry by becoming a journalist, networking, and knowing people. Only then he got published.

Even very old writers, they used to publish their work on smaller newspapers and magazines before getting a publishing contract.
It’s very hard to get published as an unknown writer. You are competing with the big dogs.


Social Media Strategy for Authors: Building an online presence means networking. Network equals opportunity.


What I want to say is that: it won’t hurt. Having a social media strategy for authors will only help you. Doing this effort won’t hurt you in any way.

If you are the son of a great publisher owner, you don’t need to worry about that. But if you are unknown like 99% of us, I’m sorry, son, you have to go after it if you want to get it.
Look at the youtuber books.

They usually suck.

They usually are ghost-written.

Most time (not always) the youtuber doesn’t want to write anything, they just do that because the publisher offers them a contract. They want money.
Then you ask: Why does the publisher want their book and not mine? Mine is well-written! I’ve been writing for years, I know what to do! It is my dream!
The answer is simple: they have a following. The publisher knows the book will sell. Although is art, our beloved babies, a book is a product.

It’s a hard world, kid.

Being Grateful Instead of Fearing a Social Media Strategy for Authors


I also want to say that we have to be thankful that we live in a world that is much more equal than before.

In Emily Brönte’s time, she could sign her book with her name, because women weren’t supposed to publish anything.

Now, even if you are not at great book centers like the United States or the United Kingdom, you still can publish your book and it can become a best-seller. It can even become a movie.

Now, you can grow from nowhere with social media. Having a social media strategy for authors.

Before, it was basically impossible to publish a book if you didn’t have a book publishing contract. And they used to take away everything you got. All your rights, leaving you with 5% copyright rights if you were lucky.

Now, you can be your own publisher. You can self-publish, you can sell your books, you can grow by yourself.

It’s basically the American dream. The Internet is the land of the free now.

And social media allows you to do that.

You have a world of possibilities on your laptop.
Even if you don’t want to self-publish. Let’s say you get to 100k followers on Youtube, 20k followers on Twitter, 50k followers on Instagram. I will tell you it will be much, much easier for you to find an agent and go through the traditional rough route.

I… I want to self-publish. Is there a way for me to escape having a social media strategy for authors?


Oh, boy.

My friend, if you want to self-publish, let me tell you that there is no other way.

It is more than a must.

What’s the difference between the traditional route and the indie route? Basically, in the indie route, you’re by yourself. This gives you absolute freedom. You can write about anything, choose the editor, self-edit, make your own cover, buy a cover, you name it, you decide. You will get all the money and all the decisions.

But this also means you get all the work.

The biggest difference is that a publisher has already the market and the distribution channels. They know how to place your book at libraries and things like that.

When you are by yourself, the marketing is all on your hands.

And this is the difference between a successful indie author and an unknown one.

You can’t blame people. You can’t say: “nobody reads my book!”. People won’t read your book if they can’t find it.

You have to make your book be found out there. It’s nobody’s fault if they can’t see your book anywhere.

The good side to it is the control. You can have the entire control of the process.

You can give your book the full attention it deserves.

But, then, how? How to market my book? What is a good social media strategy for authors?


You’ve come to the right place.

I’m absolutely in love with this stage of the process.

I don’t know everything as well. I’m also growing. But I’ve created this Social Media Marketing Guide for Authors. There, I explain which groups to be part on Facebook, Twitter hashtags, Instagram practices, Pinterest, and many other online places. So, don’t miss out:

Get it here:


Or, click here!

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