How to Do Social Media Marketing Using a Pen Name

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How to Do Social Media Marketing Using a Pen Name?



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How to Do Social Media Marketing Using a Pen Name? This is a hard question. Social media marketing is hard enough… not using your real name to do it makes things even worse. But I’m glad you’re here so I can answer you!

But first, let’s consider this:


Should you use a pen name?


I actualy thought about that for a long time. My main reason used to be: I want privacy. I want to do other things besides writing, so I don’t want people bothering me about my work. Maybe I don’t think I’m good enough so I don’t want to be associated with this writing. Or you want to separate your writing genres. If people love your horror story and they go looking for more… but end up finding 5 romances you wrote under the same name, they can be pretty disappointed and never come back.


There were plenty of reasons.

You can guess by the name of this blog that I gave this idea up.


1- First, write down the REASON why you want to use a pen name;


The first thing about this question is that you have to have clear in your mind the reason why you want to do this.

Why do you want to use a pen name?

Is it because you are afraid of criticism? (which is perfectly normal)

Is it because you want to write erotica and your family would kill you if they found out?

Is it because your themes are a bit too dark and you wouldn’t want your family to see it?

Maybe it’s just privacy in general.


It’s perfectly acceptable to use one. Loads of great writers use or have used one.

2- If you are sure about it, then decide the marketing plan.


This was the reason why I gave using a pen name up. It’s much harder to create a marketing plan. You can’t tell your friends and family about it, so maybe you’ll lose your first sales when you don’t have a huge base.

Also, all social media requires a personality. You’ll have to decide about a fake identity, basically. You’ll have to administrate it as well as your own profiles, without telling anyone about it.

It’s harder.

However, you can totally do it.

The only thing I advise you is that you never lie that it’s a pen name. Then, you’ll just be a fake profile. If anyone ever finds out, it will be really bad for you and it can totally ruin your reputation. Tell them that it’s a pen name and you’d rather not reveal your true identity for privacy reasons.

You’ll be like Batman.

How to do social media marketing using a pen name:


Social media marketing is huuuuuuge in the beginning.

In the beginning, you can’t count on SEO to give you traffic because it takes a lot of time for Google to realize that you’re relevant, for you to have a solid website, etc.

Also, you can totally pay for ads for traffic, but you’ll be poor quickly.

You can’t ignore social media if you want traffic.

It’s free, it’s fast, it’s effective.

Since you’re using a pen-name, you’ll have to create new profiles for your new name, obviously.

  • Twitter: with the amazing #WritingCommunity there, you shouldn’t have a problem. A lot of people there use pen-names and no problem at all.
  • Facebook: same goes with Facebook but the only problem is that you won’t be able to associate a page with your real profile, otherwise people would know. If I were you, I’d create a new profile and a new page with names. The most important thing on Facebook is to engage in writing groups, because pages only really grow with ads. If you don’t want to have a Facebook, maybe you don’t even need one these days.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is my main source of traffic. It’s SO important for traffic. And, the best part is that you don’t even need followers there. It is hard to explain Pinterest briefly here, but this one you don’t even need to worry about your name, your face. The most important thing there is the pins, which are all anonymous. People will click on pins and it will bring them to your profile, book, blog. This amazing news for you.
  • Instagram: like Twitter, create a new one and you should be fine.
  • Youtube: this is harder because youtube usually needs your face. Youtube is AMAZING for traffic and for creating a bond with your reader. When they see your face, the real you, they trust you way more. It’s the best place to create “super fans”. So, this is very problematic for pen names, but it’s not the end of the world. You can create videos that are only your voice. Maybe write a blog article, record the computer screen and put yourself to comment it on camera, but without showing your face. You can also draw, like Terrible Writing Advice, an AMAZING channel for writers made only with drawings. This is more problematic if you can’t draw and I also think it takes A LOT OF TIME. Ultimately, you don’t need to create a Youtube channel to grow. There are other ways. I’ve debated about creating one myself for a long time too.
  • Reddit: a lot of traffic, amazing for pen-names because you don’t even have a picture there. A great way of gaining traffic. The only thing is that you can’t promote yourself there, you have to really become a member, active, and not only drop links there. But it’s an amazing option for pen-names.
  • Quora: answer questions for traffic. You can also create a profile under you pen-name instead of your real name. No big deal.
  • Tumblr: Tumblr is great, it has a big writing community there, you can also never show your face or reveal your name if you want. This is a great option. The only thing is that Tumblr might be dying in the near future. It has become kind of ghosty there now.

Social media marketing using a pen name on Amazon

Amazon allows you to publish under any name you want!

Also, you can create 3 author pages with different namesĀ  in the US store.

It’s simply amazing. I publish my crochet patterns there under other name, just for it to be well-organized, since it’s good if you write under only one genre. You readers will look for other things that you wrote that looks like what they read, so it’s good that it’s categorized under different names, if you want.



  • Know the reason why you want a pen-name clearly
  • The best places for pen-names online are: Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, REDDIT and PINTEREST! These latter are almost anonymous, so it’s unbelievably good.
  • Amazon allows you to do it, so do it.

Using a pen name is perfectly acceptable, but it will be a bit harder for you to market yourself. Nothing impossible, though.



If you’re a writer, get ALL MY WRITING RESOURCES (planner, checklists, worksheets) here for free.

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