My Books!

My Books!


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Wexton School





An extrovert Harry Potter goes to a Military School in a Fantasy World”

What would you do if you knew you would have to go to an almost military school in another world?

The same world that sent you to jail some years earlier.

Lyon knew that this day would come. Every young Gaëth must serve in Wexton School because they are the only ones that can control the aura. If the aura is not controlled, Maëy and Earth can end.

He wasn’t expecting to find many fun things there.
They learn to fight, to defeat uncontrolled creatures, called the sijits, and even to mount dragons and hyenas. They fly through the skies because Maëy is made of floating islands, and they have evil teachers, who Lyon love to pick on.

Lyon even made a best-friend there. Something he had never had before, thanks to his time in jail, who made him always be the weird kid, the bullied kid. But not now. Now, everything is different in Wexton School. He has friends and a lot of fun.

Until the day the mean kid, the biggest bully in school, Attila, decided that he would make them all become his slaves. They would have to do missions for him and give him all their aura.

Lyon decided he wouldn’t accept it. His anger issues made him do things he wouldn’t be proud of later.

After a big punishment together, Attila invites Lyon to join him and his gang. Ly would never accept it. Attila is mean, he beats kids up, he steals their auras and enslaves them.

However, he faces a dead end.

His choice will make his best friend, Yuri, really angry.

What will he do? Will he join the biggest bully in school and betrays his friends? Or will he face Attila and accept the consequences?

He also does the thing that everybody warns him repeatedly not do: he gets really close to a sijit.
This is extremely forbidden.
The consequences will be severe.

This a thrilling adventure of an all-boys boarding school in a fantasy world. They go on adventures, missions, and learn to fight. They explore and have a lot of fun. However, it is also filled with drama, bullies, peer pressure, and all the challenges that teenagers have to face while growing up. All of this amid a totalitarian Government. Maëy is basically a dictatorship that sends kids to jail without a lot of reason to. Lyon has to accept what he can’t change, like us all in real life.


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Short Stories and Novelettes

An Energy Vampire In Love




Are you tired of that same old romance idea? The girl is always bland and boring, the boy is always evil. The girl falls in love with the boy even though he’s bad with everybody they know. The relationship is abusive but she wants to stay with him even so.
This novelette changes it all.
She is a vampire, but a different kind of vampire: the one we all know in our lives, she’s an energy vampire. Her ancestors found out it was too hard to suck blood from humans. There were persecutions and deaths. So, they decided to change the way they fed themselves.
However, this brings harsh consequences. Nicole became a bully to be able to steal everybody’s energy.
This was until she met Mark, a boy that she could not suck energy from. She got very confused and started to question the family she was brought in. Why does she have to be like that?

However, Mark had a secret as well.

Their relationship begins to grow until she has to make a decision. Does she want to change and leave everything she always knew behind to be with Mark?

Or will she decide for something else?


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Crochet and Amigurumi Books

Guys, before I had this website, I used to own a crochet e-commerce. It is still my passion as a hobby. However, I publish this under a pen-name to keep things more organized. If you’re a crochet addict like me, welcome!

Baphomet Pattern




Have you ever dreamed of having your own little crochet demon?

Now you can!

Here you have 46 pages of pure goth, dark, cuteness. The book has over 75 photos and detailed instructions to help you make your own little baphomet doll.
If cute amigurumi patterns are for you, but you are sick of flowers amigurumi patterns, animal amigurumi patterns, cat amigurumi patterns, or, even worse, TEDDY BEARS AMIGURUMI PATTERNS!


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