Indie Book Review: Herald by J. Edwards Stone

Indie Book Review: Herald by J. Edwards Stone


Indie Book Review: Herald by J. Edwards Stone


Guys, today I bring you a book review: Herald. This book will be out on June 22nd and it is soooo amazing.


Here’s the blurb:


“Seventeen-year-old Larin Thompson was a product of abuse and neglect, thinking her life couldn’t get any more complicated than hiding the scars of her past from the eyes of her friends. But the sudden emergence of strange black wings from her body makes her previous difficulties seem …insignificant. Meanwhile, Azrael, known as “the Angel of Death” by the humans he has sought to destroy, has found a weapon. One that will shift the balance in a war that has raged in the shadows since the dawn of time. Azrael is awakening of an army of vessels – hybrid soldiers who are neither man nor Angel. By capturing them as they awaken, Azrael hopes to strengthen his dark army and eventually find and unleash his brother, Lucifer, upon the world. Larin’s unique characteristics separate her from other vessels, and the Divine Council takes notice –archangels whose sole purpose has been to protect man from Azrael’s sinister machinations. They come to believe she is the Herald of their lost leaders, the Seraphim – powerful beings who could prevent Lucifer’s dominion upon the world once more. Amidst the chaos and confusion of her new life, Larin finds comfort in one council member in particular: the Archangel, Michael. Pulled towards each other in a way they cannot understand, Larin finds in Michael both a friend and confidante, and perhaps a missing piece of her heart. Larin is thrust into an ancient battle between good and evil, one in which she will play a pivotal role in either saving humanity or seeing it destroyed. The choice to rise to her place as Herald, leading the Divine Council to the reawakening of the Seraphim, or accepting an enticing offer from Azrael, is suddenly presented. Larin learns that “good” and “evil” are not as black and white as she was taught to believe. The war will inevitably reach its apex in a battle that transcends Heaven and Earth, either resulting in the return of glorious Eden or lost forever under a cloak of irreversible darkness.”





My Review:


This book is a fantasy about angels, which is my favorite kind of creature to read in books since witches are too overused now. So, I immediately thought I would enjoy this book after seeing its cover and blurb. I started reading it and I, honestly, read it all in two days (two Sundays, not in sequence because I have limited reading time, but, during the week, I kept thinking about the story).

The first ten chapters are absorbing. They are fast, well-written and hook you from line one. You start to wonder how that girl lives her life, you want to know more about her story, and, then, when the angel situation arises, all you want to see is how well she will do in this new situation. It felt real, vivid like it was happening to me. The other day, I felt back pain and I thought: OMG, that’s how it was for Larin when she was getting her wings.

When she gets with the other angels, you start to understand how incredible this worldbuilding has been put together. The mythology behind it is amazingly well-researched, to the point I thought: how could the author come up with such detailed structure? The scenarios she paints are emerging and involving. I usually hate descriptions, but one of my favorite scenes was done as a way of describing that felt like I was seeing a picture forming before my eyes.

Although I would have liked that the middle would be a bit faster (I was impatient to see what happened), I devoured the book. I liked to see her training, the way she discovered her new body, the relation with the other angels, and the adventure plot coming together like a puzzle.

Fun, action-filled, greatly developed in every sense, I really enjoyed Herald. I think it’s a gem amongst the fantasy genre. If you’re a fantasy fan, give it a go, especially if you love a strong researched mythology behind each paragraph, well-developed characters, adventure and, of course, a bit of romance.

About the Author


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Twitter: Jedwardsstone



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