Email Marketing for Authors: Why you NEED email marketing

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Email Marketing for Authors: Why you NEED IT!

Email Marketing for Authors: Why you NEED IT!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.  Now I’m passionate about sharing the products I love with my audience, that’s why I decided to go for their affiliate program. If you buy through this link, you help me keep making these articles for you without ANY extra cost for you. Thank you!


Do you like receiving emails?


Me neither!

What a coincidence!

So you might me asking yourself: I HATE to get spam. Why should I send emails to people? Why do I need an email list?

I’ll answer it all for you now.

Stay with me because this is LITERALLY KEY to your sucess being as an author, selling books, as a blogger, whatever.

And, before, I COULDN’T understand why.

Everybody kept talking about that I needed it right away from day one and I was just plain confused. Why?

Okay, I get it, every blogger I know ever tells me I need it. BUT WHY?!

I’ll answer you, baby! Right now:

This is what I’ll cover about email marketing for authors:


  • Why on Earth you need an email list
  • It doesn’t work with big companies why it would work for me?
  • How to get people to give you your email
  • Email provider
  • My email strategy
  • How to make the big sales


WHY on Earth do you need an email list if emails are the most boring thing ever? Email marketing for authors


The answer is:

Because it is VERY HARD to sell to “cold traffic”.

Cold traffic is that traffic that comes for your blog only once, gets what they want, leaves, forget about you forever in the sea of billions of sites that there are on the Internet. Or they click on your books and leave. They don’t know you, they don’t want that book.

They see you from Twitter or from Pinterest, click on your website or book, read what they want, etc, and go away.

They don’t know you.

They can even trust you and think: true, this book seems cool but… oh look, a Facebook notification! And, then, they are gone for good.

Unless people are really totally willing and with their mind made about buying something, they will not buy from you.


However, when you have an email list, you are talking to people that liked you SO MUCH that they GAVE YOU willingly their email.

Man, for me to give my email to someone, it takes A LOT.

Because I KNOW that they will send me emails.

Will I be interested in these emails they will send me?

These people gave your email knowing that they will hear from you. This is already something.

Then, you will email them and they will come back to your website or check your new book.

They will remember you and you will stand out from the crowd of billions of websites and books to them.

Also, they will create a relationship with you. It won’t be Isadora Who anymore, it will be: oh, Isadora, that girl from that blog that writes… let me check her books.

THIS IS why you need an email.


Also, this is YOUR list. It’s not the list of followers you have on Twitter or Instagram. These are focused people that gave you specifically their emails and you will reach them all every time. You have full control over them. You can delete them, choose to send them your content twice a week, separate them into groups, you control.


It doesn’t work with big companies, why would it work for me?


A lot of traditional marketing specialists out there would not advise email marketing as a big part of your strategy because, as I said, nobody likes to get spammy emails. Have you ever bought any product from an email of a company? But, then again, they also barely know Pinterest and would tell you to spend A LOT on Facebook and Instagram ads.

This is the difference between getting specific information.

You are not a big company.

You are a blogger and an author.

Your emails won’t be the ones that companies create: a photo of their product telling you about sales.

Your emails will be personal, informative, full of content, and plenty of FREEBIES.

People will open your emails because they want to hear from you on a personal level. They don’t open Samsung or Vans emails unless they are looking to buy a new cell phone or some shoes. However, they can open yours because it’s you. They are interested in you, person, author. They also want to know what you are saying and they want to get the free things you’ll be offering them. They want your latest book.

They gave you their emails because they are interested in the content you are creating. In my case, they are also writers and readers, passionate about this topic, and they really want the help I want to offer. Also, I hope they like me as Isadora.

Remember, don’t waste your time looking for generic information. I’m telling you the specific information you need to succeed as an author and a blogger.


How to get people to give you your email: email marketing for authors


This is where the “email opt-in” comes. You’ve seen it around my website, but I’ll put it here again so I can show you:

If you give me your email, you’ll be getting a free social media marketing guide, that I’ve created with care and love.

I got a lot of positive feedback on this guide. People really think it’s helpful and worth it. They are happy that I have it to them for free. It’s full of hashtags that I actually use, Facebook groups that I go on, specific subreddits for them to use, tips on Quora and Medium.

It is information that I could potentially sell. But I gave it for free to people. When they get an email from me later on, they are already satisfied so they will open it in the hope of getting more good free information.

And this is great!


  • Reader Magnets

These magnets are also known in the writing community as readers magnets. You offer your readers something in exchange for their email. For example, a new chapter of a story, a short story, or something they are craving to know about your books. You put them in the first page of your book and the last, telling them: access this link and get a free short story, for example.


This should be your goal, create a freebie and give people (for free, duh) but that is SUPER helpful and actually very good. If you create something not that good, people will feel kind of betrayed by you. Like it wasn’t worth it. And then you are already starting it badly.

However, it doesn’t need to be incredible it. It can be short but informative.

I use Adobe Spark to create everything. It looks super professional and I gave them what they want to know.

Yours can be about things you know: get this planner on character creation, get this list on things you can’t forget about when editing, get this checklist for getting your book ready to publication. There are millions of ideas you can use. It can be like 1-5 pages long (or more, if you want). You can also give a short story for free, another chapter, more about your characters… it all depends.


Email Provider: email marketing for authors


To create these opt-ins and landing pages where people give you their email and you give them the freebie, you’ll need an email provider. They will allow you to create it, they will store all the emails, then, they will be the ones to send out the emails to these people when you create them.

I use Convertkit like almost every blogger out there.

  • It’s not that expensive;
  • It’s specific, created by a blogger, to bloggers or people working by themselves (like authors);
  • You can create one time emails (called broadcasts), a sequence of emails that you put up once and they will be sent by themselves (called sequences), and much more.
  • They analyze your data, you get to know exactly who is opening your emails, what you’re doing right, who is cliking on your links inside your emails, etc.
  • They have amazing templates;
  • Their costumer service is helpful, quick, great basically.


You can try it for free for 14 days here. I advise you to only sign up when you’re ready to start collecting emails so you don’t “waste” the free trial.


There is a totally free option, Mailchilp. I don’t advise it. I also don’t want to spend money, believe me. However, it is better to spend 29$ and has an amazing service than using a free service that doesn’t do the work and having to switch later. This was what I did. I couldn’t understand it properly, it had a limit of opt-in creation, it greatly limited me. I couldn’t come up with a landing page when I was using it, and it’s simply a relief to have switched.

Believe me, if it was worth it, I wouldn’t use ConvertKit, I’d use Mailchilp. But it’s not. I’m SO GLAD I switched it.


Also, one of the BEST THINGS for me with Convertkit is that they give you an address that you can use in your emails. Law requires that you put an address in the bottom of your emails, close to the unsubscribe option, the policy view, etc. I DIDN’T want to use my own address and if I didn’t have it, I would have to either get a P.O. box (which would be even more expensive) or go ahead and break my privacy.

Convertkit gives you a legal address to use and if they receive something, they send it to you.

I feel that they don’t advertise this enough.

This email provider, really, I love it. I love them. I love their team. Go, ConvertKit, go!


ALSO, Mailchimp doesn’t allow you to promote ANYTHING on your emails. Not your products, not affiliate links. It is NOT WORTH IT because your sales strategy COMES FROM the EMAIL strategy. One day, you WILL HAVE to have all the work to switch platforms. Listen to me, start on Convertkit. Don’t waste time learning Mailchimp and, then, you’ll have to switch it and learn it all again.

I read this book to understand more about starting a mail list for authors:



My Email Strategy


I’m revealing you everything. I’ll tell you my strategy and it doesn’t mean that this is the only right way to do it. This is what I DO. I’m telling you all my personal secrets because I love you all.


1. I send emails once a week:


I might be increasing it to twice a week, I’m not sure yet. However, you do want to send your list at least one email per week, so they don’t forget about you.


2. Through my blog, I try to offer different opt-ins:


For each post, I try to give a different kind of freebie. Some people don’t want the marketing freebie because they write as a hobby and they will NEVER market anything. Some people don’t want the outlining freebie because they’d rather live in a hole for the rest of their lives than to outline a story.

People can see only one of your articles and nothing more, so they are interested only on that topic. If you have different freebies for every post, you’ll get A LOT OF LEADS (traffic that turns into subscribers for your list).

You can also separate them into groups. Like, these came from the editing post, these came from the marketing strategy post, these ones are from the character creation. You can do it on the greatest Convertkit as I told you. It is very easy to create these lists there, it is even automatic, so you have no trouble at all.

I always create an opt-in and a landing page for these posts because I give them the option of seeing it on the landing page (that I link through the post) or get it directly without having to click on any lists.

I also have a resources page that it is listed on the main menu where people can have access to ALL the freebies if they want.

3. Inside my emails, I give these freebies to people:


These freebies for the posts, I give them all to people through email. Each week, I make sure that they will get free stuff and I let them know it in the title (I also make sure to say that it is ATTACHED on the email so they won’t have to click on anything). I do this because people that signed up on the first day I was blogging got something different for those that signed up from the editing post. And even if they don’t want it specifically, who doesn’t like to get free stuff?

I also always put my picture, because people can totally have forgotten who the hell are you.

I link my blog several times and I also put my logo in the end.

I try to say things about myself and how I’m doing to create intimacy. I also ask them things about them. Sometimes they answer. I link my Twitter so that they can follow me there if they want and DM me (because people can hate emails).

I also link products at the end of the email in case they are interested (for instance, my book).

I try to update them about new posts that they could be interested in.

How to make the big sales: email marketing for authors


Now, this is the secret to making money blogging.

Your list will be your buyers, especially from the big things.

Don’t expect to sell for cold traffic. If they do buy something, great. But you can’t count on this.

Now, there is a strategy to your email list that is called “email funnel”.

It is a sequence of SPECIFIC emails that provide CONTENT, INTIMACY and help you SELL in the end.

These emails all have a given format, it runs from 7 to 11 days, and you have to know a lot about it. But this is THE DIFFERENCE between selling nothing to selling a lot.

However, I can’t explain this all in ONE POST. I couldn’t do it in 10 posts.

The best way to learn how to do it is the exact way that I’VE LEARNED.


And I LOVED IT so much that I want to pass it to you:


Make Money Blogging for Beginners.

Yes, I’m an affiliate to this course because it was the difference between being completely lost and wanting to give up to give this blogging thing a try and walking toward my goal of fulltime living.

This course explains everything. About ads, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing… but the differential is the email strategy part.

They GIVE YOU the email sales funnel template. What to do in EACH email. The correct order to do it. How to create the emails that build trust, the ones that are intended to sell, when to give your readers a break.

This is the game-changer.

Give it a look here!

This can be the difference of making nothing from your blog and books to actually quitting your job.

Also, if you consider buying it, please do it through this link here.



I hope I helped you with email marketing for authors.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.  Now I’m passionate about sharing the products I love with my audience, that’s why I decided to go for their affiliate program. If you buy through this link, you help me keep making these articles for you without ANY extra cost for you. Thank you!

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