10 Cozy Sweatshirts for Writers and Readers to Warm you for your Books

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10 Cozy Sweatshirts for Writers and Readers to Warm you for your Books


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10 cozy sweatshirts for writers to keep you cozy while writing and reading. I’m actually so excited to write this article because sweatshirts are my FAVORITE item of clothing to shop for. It would be all I would wear if I could. I have so many of them I actually can’t decide on what to wear next. I guess I’m not helping myself by making a list with all the cutest coziest sweatshirts I found over the internet, right?
I want to buy them all now.

Also, they are a great gift for a writer or an avid reader that you love.

I know a few of my writer friends that would be super excited to get one of these.

So glad I’ve decided to make a list instead of just looking and forgetting about it.


Why you basically NEED a sweatshirt for writing:


1. It’s cozy and it will keep you warm during those bloody fight scenes;

2. If a character is in a cold place, I automatically get cold too. Is this just me or what? Imagine how I was after watching The Revenant with Leonardo di Caprio!

3. It’s the best gift for that writer you love (and you’ve given them books for the last ten Christmas, it’s time to renew it!).


Without further due, I present you the 10 best cozy sweatshirts for writers and book lovers from Amazon:


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.  Now I’m passionate about sharing the products I love with my audience, that’s why I decided to go for their affiliate program. If you buy through this link, you help me keep making these articles for you without ANY extra cost for you. Thank you!

1. I’m A Book Nerd



This one goes first in my list because I’ll be buying it ASAP. I’m a book nerd, that means I live in a crazy fantasy world with unrealistic expectations. Thank you for understanding.
There’s nothing else I would add to describe my personality. This sums it all. I wouldn’t need to get to know the person, they would already read my mind just by reading this hoodie.

2. If I’m Writing, I’m Happy



If I’m writing, I’m happy. This is the truest sentence I’ve ever read. As a writer, I think you get me when I say I could spend the whole day writing. I mean THE WHOLE DAY. I’ve already written for over ten hours (and it wasn’t a pain).

What is your writing time record? Leave me a comment telling!

3. Just Write



Just write. Who needs that “Just Do It” Nike shirt when you can be more specific about what you truly want, right?

Also, a great reminder when you’re procrastinating (in this case, you can put it on and head over to my article about how to beat procrastination and develop discipline for good here).
This will be your best partner on all days: the good and the bad ones.

4. Stephen King Rules



Some will say I’m biased here.
Which is totally correct.
Stephen King is one of my favorite writers of all times, so I might as well wear this shirt and make all the haters cry…
They see me rollin…

5. Edgar Allan Poe



Since we were talking about Stephen King, I thought it would be just right to put Edgar Allan Poe here too.
This sweatshirt is poetic (well, literally), well designed, and smart.

Wear it… before is too late.

6. My Weekend is All Booked



He, he, he,
Who doesn’t love an awesome reading pun?
I would wear this so fast that George Martin wouldn’t have time to have killed his first character…
GOT it?


7. The Book Was Better



Let’s get sassy in here. If anyone gets offended, just laugh and tell them it’s a joke (it’s not).
Also, if anyone here likes MBTI, I really think this is PERFECT for INTJ.

9. I’m Either Writing or Thinking About it



This is literally me. I’m either writing or thinking about it because people talking too much about silly things make me want to go back to my plot planning. Who else is with me? Tell me I’m not the only one!
If someone starts discussing politics, I’m like: nop, back to my mass murdering mystery.

10. So Many books, so little time



Last but not least, so many books, so little time. This is true both for writing and reading.
Now, tell me:

Which one did you like best?

If you’re a writer, get ALL MY WRITING RESOURCES (planner, checklists, worksheets) here for free.

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