Why you Should Have an Author’s Blog: Longterm Marketing

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Why You Should Have an Author’s Blog: Longterm Marketing


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Why You Should Have an Author’s Blog:

Author’s Blog: Am I being biased here?

Maybe just a little because, look around, you’re on an Author’s Blog!

I’ve read about how creating a blog can actually be prejudicial for you because it will steal your time from actually writing. Before I started this blog, I thought “pffff, never! It will not be hard at all. I write some words, I publish a blog post every now and then, it won’t steal my writing time”. This was absolutely wrong in the beginning. I stopped writing altogether to focus on the blog.

HOWEVER, now I am back to writing full-time AND writing MUCH MORE than before. And this is completely correlated to the blog.

Before you continue, I have to warn you that having a blog is almost like having a child (okay, no). It’s really a lot of work and when you don’t check on it, you’ll feel guilty and think you’re neglecting your baby. However, it is so worth it because it motivates you so much to write, you see concrete growth, and you can also make money blogging.

Without further ado, let’s start:


Why You Should Have an Author’s Blog?


1. Marketing, of course


This is THE MAIN reason.


Whether you are traditionally published or self-published, marketing will never go away. You need to market, there’s no running away from it. Every writer does it, even if it’s organized by their publisher (for example, press conferences). If you’re self-publishing, this is not optional. It’s mandatory to put your book out there, to be seen. It’s not anyone’s fault that you’re not being read. It doesn’t mean that you’re bad or your book sucks. It means that you’re competing with billions of books out there and nobody found yours.

It won’t be found by chance. You have to put it in front of everybody’s faces, scream at them to buy it, and only then you’ll get a few sales. This is the name of the game, unfortunately. A game that we love to pay, even though we suffer like dogs. I hear you, I’m there with you.

Authors usually HATE marketing. if they could only write and leave it all to the others…

However, if you’re a new writer, even going in the traditional publish route, you’ll have to market. It is simply like this. For example, the publishers publish A LOT of people. Although they will focus on yours, they will not treat it as their only child, like you will.

I was like this too. I used to HATE marketing. I closed my amigurumi e-commerce because of the marketing part.

But that was because I was DOING IT WRONG.

I would publish a post on Instagram and pray for it to get noticed. It didn’t. I felt really bad like nobody liked my products.

This is not how you do it.

However, there is a right way to digital marketing, and I can teach you what I’ve been doing. It’s absolutely working.


An author’s blog is the first step to it.



When you’re thinking about digital marketing, you’ll need a platform to show your content and drive traffic to.

Social media is great, however, it is not reliable because it is not yours. How many Instagram or Twitter changes you’ve absolutely HATED? When Instagram changed its algorithms, a lot of artists almost starved. They lost all their interaction. When Tumblr forbidden pornography, a lot of blogs were closed down and lost everything they had.

Also, these places have a LOT of rules. If you write erotica, forget about it. It’s so hard to go with their rules.

Your self-hosted blog is yours. A blog is a website. You’re its owner and you can do whatever you want with it. Its algorithm will NEVER change unless you change it. Makes sense? You’ll decide how to attract traffic, how they will get in touch with you, and how you’ll monetize. You won’t have to comply with anything and you can post whenever you want. You will decide if you want to post 3 times a day and attract 10.000 visitors a month instead of publishing a photo on Instagram and praying for it to deliver to your followers.

Your followers on social media only see 10% of your posts or less. It is not delivered to them all. In your blog, on the other hand, everyone who visits you will see exactly what you want them to see.

Also, it’s not a joint place where people can see everything about you.

If they go to your Instagram page, they will see some photos. If they go to your Twitter, they will see you rambling about writing. And if they go to your Facebook page, they can see your latest releases. However, where can they go to see everything you have together?

What if one day you get banned from Instagram? What if they hack your Twitter? What if Facebook is closed down? You will lose everything.

You won’t with your website. Because it’s yours. It will only close down if you decide to do it (you also have backups of it).

This is the longterm approach. It’s how your readers will get to know you often. It’s where they come looking for you. It’s how you create your “superfans”.


Summarizing, Author’s Blog:


You organize it as you please, you can self-promote all you want, and you can make it work as you want. It’s totally different from relying on social media.

Also, it’s your rules. Of content, of monetization, everything. It will be the website that will go your card when you need to handle it at a book signing. It’s the place with the list of all your social media.

Also, it is how you’ll grow your email list. But we will talk about this in a minute.



2. Confidence and motivation


When you have a blog, you feel like an authority in the matter. You are writing about it, you realize that you know a lot, even if you feel like an imposter sometimes. You can talk about a lot of themes that matter to you, promote products that you love, or just talk about your book for like 10 pages if you wish.

When you start to attract traffic (and you will, because I’ll teach you how), you start to think: oh, uou. There are people that come here to learn. They believe I’m good enough that they are here on my blog, listening to me.

It made me feel like I’m a “real writer”. When I started getting readers on my blog and positive feedback, I started to think: hey, maybe this writing thing will work out.

I swear to you, I never thought I would be able to become a full-time writer. I thought that this was just a dream for some lucky people on New York or for someone as lucky as J.K. Rowling.

However, I realized that it IS a real job, you CAN make money with your books, you can get enough money to support yourself and your family.

It just takes time. And A LOT of work. And, yes, THERE IS a RIGHT way to do it.

Sometimes I see not motivational posts online saying that people there will never make a living with their writing, or that having a blog is a waste of time, that it doesn’t make them money, it’s all an illusion.

It can be extremely hard and hours and hours of work, yes.

But it’s not an illusion if done THE RIGHT WAY, which is by LEARNING to MARKET it.

Marketing is beautiful, and I’ll help you.

3. Each visitor is a potential reader: build trust


Everyone that comes into your blog is a potential reader. This means that if you get 100.000 visitors per month, you have 100.000 chances of selling your book and creating a fanbase.

This is true with sparse social media too, but it’s much harder. Because there’s a lot going on social media at the same time. Social media is more about them than about you. But your blog, no. It’s all about you.

It’s a place where you can build trust, show your readers that you have something to say, that you want to help them with your knowledge.

Also, you can create trust with them. They will get to know you in a much more comprehensive way than just 140 characters on Twitter or a random post that they scroll on Instagram.


4. All your information in one place: where readers will go to know more about you and your books


Have you ever finished reading a wonderful book and wanted to know more about it? Who the author is, what is he or she doing, more about the book’s world, characters. However, you simply couldn’t find anything?

Your blog will be your place to put everything in a joined and organized way for your readers. They will also be much more likely to become “super fans” and keep coming back for more of what you have to offer them.


I hope I’ve convinced you to create an author’s blog.


But: How to get traffic to your blog?

Finally: How to MAKE MONEY with your blog as well?


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