3 Month Blog Anniversary: My First Blog Report

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3 Month Blog Anniversary: My First Blog Report


This is my first ever blogging report!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a small commission for purchases made through these links.  Now I’m passionate about sharing the products I love with my audience, that’s why I decided to go for their affiliate program. If you buy through this link, you help me keep making these articles for you without ANY extra cost for you. Thank you!

Hey, guys! Today is the 3 month anniversary of my blog! It was born 02/26/2019.


I’m so happy because this blog literally is changing my life.

Before it, I was SO lost.

Unemployed. Looking for a job that paid more than I needed to survive. Living in my parents home without no perspective whatsoever.

Then, I found out about Create and Go Blogging Courses.

I don’t want to make this blog post about advertising courses about blogging.

I just want to tell you that 3 months later, I found my passion, I am making money, planning on moving out to my own apartment, and I’ve never been happier.

I figured out that I will do this kind of monthly updates because it will be much cooler than just telling you all when I’ll be making six-figures income (preach…)

But, seriously, I want to make it my goal. I want to make a full-time income from blogging and writing books.

Helping and connecting with other writers are making my life. Every day, I wake up excited to see what will happen next.


Monthly Results:






This month, I’ve made my first affiliate sale.


From Masterclass. I’m so happy that someone took the chance and trusted me enough to step up their writing game.

If you want, you can read my full review here!

I couldn’t have done it without this course here as well.

I see a lot of bloggers giving up because they haven’t made ONE sale or made ANY money in, like, years blogging.

You have to do it in the right way.

And this course is called Make Money Blogging. It teaches you EVERYTHING.

It is using this course that I plan to make a full-time income with this blog.


    Guest Post


I’ve made my first guest post and received one here for the blog. You can check it out here! It’s about finding time to write when all you want to do is to read.

If you want to be a guest on my blog, come here!

  • Blog Posts


I’ve reached 40 blog posts. This one is 41.


      Blogging practices



I’m posting a blog post per day. I’ve found a way to fit it in my schedule since I’m dedicating full-time to my blog. Yes!


  • Life decision:


I stopped looking for another job. I’ll be working full-time with my blog. Hope it pays enough soon, because, boy, it’s A LOT of work.





From 13th May, I decided I would post an article PER DAY and hit Pinterest hard. It really paid off. I have 7.400 monthly views this month (and notice that, before 13th, I was not posting anything and had abandoned Pinterest to focus on publishing my book. And the month is not over. And in April I had like 3000 visits only).

I want to show you this:



Just CHECK the difference between PINTEREST and Twitter. And I have over 6k followers on Twitter. And the MAJORITY of them are writers.

I can’t stress ENOUGH the IMPORTANCE of Pinterest.

I said I didn’t want to sell courses here, but I HAVE to say that WITHOUT this Pinterest course, I would have probably given up blogging because it’s VERY HARD to get traffic.

This is FREE traffic.

I also changed a bit my Pinterest routine. I am pinning new pins every day, between 10-15 brand new pins, and I have experimented with more. I started using Tailwind more, more Tribes, and I got into more group boards.


READ HERE the article where I explain about Pinterest for authors.


  • Mail list


I have over 500 people on my mailing list! Thank you so much!

If you don’t know, this is THE BEST news because of THE IMPORTANCE of e-mail marketing.

If you want to know more, check this post here about e-mail marketing for authors.

The Make Money Blogging Course also taught me everything about e-mail marketing.

It provided me with an invaluable e-mail sales funnel template.

Check it out for yourself and step your income game.

I also subscribed to Convertkit. It’s much easier to use than MailChimp and much more efficient.


  • Blog reformulation


I changed somethings in my blogging layout. I also decided that I will be doing one book review per week, being one them an indie book, and also I’ll post one short story per week as well! So, a lot of news!




I also learned SO MUCH!

June Goals


  • Step up my e-mail game. Then again, I will use what I learned in the Make Money Blogging Course. Hopefully, I can tell you my next income as a full-time income (who knows?! Let’s see in one month);
  • Implement my Youtube strategy. I have created a Youtube channel. You can check it here. However, I haven’t posted much. In June, I want to post EVERY DAY.
  • Think about my new books. I wasn’t able to release a new book in May but I’ve learned A LOT about book marketing. In July, I want to release a new book series.
  • Improve my e-mail opt-in. I have already changed it a lot this month but I want to make it even better.
  • More Guest Posts here and is part of more on other blogs.
  • Follow the schedule. Step up the traffic game even more!
  • Go back to Instagram. Poor Instagram, I’ve entirely neglected it this month. I’ll TRY to post every day on it in June. Tailwind, again, will help me. They have this feature that I’ll test out.


I’ll use the last week of May to plan June’s articles, pins, Instagram posts, Youtube videos, etc.

It’s A LOT of work. But now I’m seeing a whole new world of possibilities. And I want to be bold and to register it all here to you (I can always come back and delete it if the blog ultimately fails, right?)


It’s a blast so far. I’m so thankful that I’ve came across how to make a living with a blog and writing. I’ve truly never been happier. I always thought I would have to accept any kind of boring job and settle down because working with what you love was an idea only for super rich people. I don’t feel like this anymore.


Tell me what you think down below in the comments! Would you like to start this writing journey as well?


If you’re a writer, get ALL MY WRITING RESOURCES (planner, checklists, worksheets) here for free.

Or join us here:



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